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Prestolite Hydraulic Starter System

The Prestolite hydraulic starter system provides starting for diesel engines predominantly used in safety critical applications.

It is usually used as part of a dual starting system to provide back up to the standard electric starter motor, but can also be used as the sole means of engine starting.

Two sizes of starter unit (B35G8 & B50G53) cover engines of 70 to 160mm bore diameter usually irrespective of the number of cylinders.

The system has a long history, but the basic efficient reliable design has remained largely unchanged throughout; originally developed in France by Demarreur Hydraulique Berger and subsequently manufactured by Bryce Berger and Lucas Bryce & Lucas Marine in the UK, the system is now built by Prestolite Electric, following their acquisition of the Lucas starter motor and alternator business at the end of the 1990's.

Further information on the system can be found in the downloads at the bottom of this page.

Transmotor Offer:

Spare Parts & Components

  • Full range of spare parts & components available from stock
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Spares & upgrade solutions for former Bryce Berger & Lucas Bryce Hydraulic starter systems
  • Repair service available at our UK workshop

Systems for New Installations

  • Complete starter systems are available for new installations or to replace older Bryce systems.
  • The Unique design allows a second start solution for engines with only a single starter pocket.
  • The system offers proven reliability in the toughest environments.
  • Commonly specified by leading manufactures on life boat, emergency generator & fire/water pump engine applications.
Prestolite B35 Hydraulic Starter System Installation Kit
A selection of spare parts for Prestolite & Lucas Bryce hydraulic starter systems:
Clockwise from top left: Starter repair kit p/n 47920253 for B50G53  & B50G52 starter units, Pressure gauge kit p/n 6518-28 for 6518-13 & 6518-35 hand pumps, B35 starter unit pinion p/n 527/6, B35 starter racks p/n 527/4, Seal kit p/n 6518-27 & 6518-39 for 6518-13 & 6518-35 hand pumps
Lucas Bryce B35G8 hydraulic starter system installed on MAN engine


Data and installation sheets below can be downloaded for technical information:

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